EO Charging: A New Arrival On The EV Charging Scene With Something Special

With the electric and hybrid electric vehicle sector gathering momentum in the UK gaining more and more publicity, there are some new companies trying to improve on the old way of doing things and bringing know how and design experience to create an even better offering for the end customer.

This week I take a look at a Suffolk-based company run by a young and entrepreneurial chap that has experience in the sector and is shaking things up. 


I first came across EO Charging back in January of this year as I was researching the opportunities in the electric vehicle (EV) charging market. I quickly had come across Rolec, Chargemaster, Pod Point and Siemens who seem to be dominating the manufacture of charge points in the current sector but I kept searching to see what else I could find.

A quick visit to their clean, clear and well presented website as well as a LinkedIn 'stalk' led me to Charlie Jardine the MD and founder. Having connected we had a long phone conversation about his company and what Mesh Energy did to get a feel for whether there was any compatibility between the companies.

Modular design

It soon became apparent that Charlie's previous charge point experiences had propelled him, driven by frustration, to design something better and he was keen to introduce us to the product.

After meeting the unique features and benefits of the EO product were clearly explained:

  • UK manufacture and local installer product support network
  • Robust and up rated components that are built to last
  • Sealed charger unit for quick fault replacement
  • Slimline and clean design with neutral colour choices

As an engineer the most striking design feature to me was the sealed modular design of the unit. Almost all other EV charge point units relying on being split, the back half fixed to an exterior wall, the wiring completed and the front affixed.

Changed In Seconds

Inherently this leads to dust and dirt ingress as well as the chances of rain/moisture entering the heart of the device if installed in less than ideal conditions.

In contrast the EO charger has a simple backplate design that can be wired at any time and a quick release mechanism that allows the whole unit to clip on and off in seconds. 

Decentralised Installer Network

The other clever aspect of the business model compared to the current market players was the focus on local installers. Many existing big EV manufacturers rely on their own qualified installers to install their products. For various reasons and likely design issues to their own installers need lots of quality training time for their EV charging products. As a result installations and product support can suffer considerably. Even our own limited experience has mirrored this client and car dealership frustration.

EO Charging however decided to let local installers lead and support their valued clients. With a simple EV charger design this becomes much easier and faulty units can be quickly replaced and sent back to Suffolk for investigation.

With production units rolling off the line and a growing installer network EO is one to watch and no doubt have exciting times ahead.

Visit EO's website for more details. www.eocharging.com