Electric car charging is still misunderstood and new customers are still left scratching their heads...

Battery Charger Not Included

The last time you bought a mobile phone, electric shaver, electric toothbrush, or any other remote battery powered device, it sure as heck came with a battery but did it come with a charger? Yes? Of course it did and you would be pretty miffed if it didn't.

Now what if I told you this ('no charger included' problem) is exactly what plug-in electric and hybrid car customers come across every time they buy or lease a new vehicle. 

In the last 6 months we have been researching and installing chargers for the UK domestic and commercial market and have come across this issue in 99% of our conversations with end customers.

A Car With 3 Wheels

Forward thinking, enthusiastic and pioneering customers having spent (or committed to spend) tens of thousands of their hard earned pounds on a new plug-in vehicle are then left to fend for themselves to get the key battery charging equipment installed.

Its akin to selling a car with 3 wheels and telling the customer to find someone else to buy the 4th one from!

Customers are left to 'Google' EV car charging installers near them or worse be thrust towards the larger car charging brands that are based miles from the client and can take many weeks or months to install a simple charging solution.

Charge Point Installation Sorted

Because the current car market is used to selling/leasing the high value car with maybe a few free car mats and an air freshener thrown in and leaving the customer to enjoy their new toy, the critical charging of electric or hybrid vehicles is being neglected.

Whilst car charging installation is a specialist trade, the packaging of a charge point installation ready for the delivery of the clients vehicle to their driveway is eminently achievable. Imagine how satisfied a client would be to have this sorted for them so they could fully enjoy their new plug-in vehicle? I know how I would feel.  

Sure, EV and PHEV car sales are only around 1% of total car sales but by 2020 this percentage is expected to exceed 10%. If Elon Musk succeeds with the Model 3 this percentage could will raise even higher and even sooner. The car manufacturing and sales industry over the next 10 years will see a massive change and the customer experience of the early adopters will be key to the success of car sales and leasing companies in the future.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can work with you to deliver excellent plug-in vehicle customer service we would love to hear from you.